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(pins numbered as when looking to the chassis built in the peripheral)
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Cartridge XL/XE & 400/800 left Cartridge Port XL/XE & 400/800 left slot
Cartridge 400/800 right Cartridge Port 400/800 right slot
Parallel Parallel Bus Interface XL
ECI Enhanced Cartridge Interface XE
Joystick Joystick Controller Ports
Monitor (pal/ntsc/secam) Monitor (pal/ntsc/secam)
Power Power XL/XE
SIO Serial I/O
Keyboard-XL Keyboard Matrix XL
Parity BlackBox Connections
Parity SCSI-Parity on BlackBox
RT-8 R-Time 8 schematic
Pokey POKEY-Chip
ST/XL Link ST/XL Link
Powerpad 3 overview Portronic Powerpad 3 overview
Powerpad 3 manual Portronic Powerpad 3 manual
msc-IDE interface msc-IDE interface
Atari 7800 to SCART RGB (secam) Atari 7800 to SCART RGB (secam)
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Data Sheets (.PDF) Electronic Data Sheets (.PDF)
SCSI Pins SCSI-Bus Pin Assignment
Nullmodem DB9-DB9 RS232 Nullmodem DB9-DB9
Nullmodem DB9-DB25 RS232 Nullmodem DB9-DB25
Nullmodem DB25-DB25 RS232 Nullmodem DB25-DB25
Scart Audio/Video SCART
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Sources: "130XE users manual" (© Atari Benelux), "Mapping the Atari, Revised Edition" (© Ian Chadwick), Chuck Steinman, "SAG ATARI Magazine" (G.Assmann/E.Maas), "msc-IDE-Controller manual" (© Stefan Birmanns and Matthias Belitz), and a small doc about SCSI and parity (© M.Graiter).
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