Quast Multi Party
Date: 7-8-9 September 1998
Location: Elblag, Poland

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Hotel Berlin
Window-view from our hotel in Berlin

Border Germany/Poland
The border Germany/Poland where we had to exchange our money

Windows'95 in Poland, realtime!

Our arrival at Elblag

Sleepingroom Elblag
Sleepingroom of our hotel in Elblag

And the livingroom, from where we took the TV to place it in the bedroom

Window-view. Notice the railroad right in front of the entrance!

Me in front of the party-place building, together with a nice Skoda

And Txg, without the Skoda

Overview Party-place
Overview of Party-place

Another overview
Another overview

The Masters of Electric City (MEC) behind the keyboard

Fox-1, Txg, Alex
We, together with Alex from BitBusters, one of the organizers

XI, Marco, Raster
XI (Satantronic), Marco (GMG) and Zdenek Burian from Raster

Again from the other side

Demo competitions
In the middle of the demo competitions

Accept No Imitations
Accept No Imitations

Flash demo
Flash demo on the big screen

Demo's keep on running
And the demo's keep on running

Sleeping people
Sleeping people in front of the beamer. Party did go on day and night

Fox-1, XI, Txg, Pedro
From left to right, Fox-1 (that's me), XI, Txg, and Pedro

Wide road
A very wide road in Poland

Zuk, made in Poland
One of my favourite cars. Zuk, made in Poland

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