5.25'' Floppy  Packers / Archivers 
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ALF v1.4D

ALF_14.LZH  ±3Kb
* To crunch files in the old ALF format
* German version, German docs

ALF v1.4   UnALF v1.4

* ALFer and UnALFer
* English version
* Docs included

ARC v2.4   UnARC v2.4
Robert Puff 1989

ARC24.LZH  ±27Kb
* Utils to compress & decompress .ARC files
* Any DOS
* Supports Sparta-Dos commandline parameters
* Documents included

Code 3 Cruncher v3.0
(C) Adam Bienias 1993

* Shareware
* Crunches executable files
* Auto-depacks and starts crunched files when loaded
* Works only reliable with the provided MyDOS 4.50T

Tom Hunt 1994

* To crunch files in an ALF-like format
* Self extracting
* Any DOS

Diskcommunicator v3.2
Robert Puff, 1987

* Required for all those .DCM and .DC3 files
* Creates an image from a bootdisk, up to 9999 sectors
* Re-creates bootdisks from images
* D1: - D9:
* Any DOS
* Any density
* Prompts to use 130XE memory or all extended memory if available

Super Packer v1.0
Jiri Bernasek (BeWeSoft) 1993

* To pack virtualy any file
* Lempel Ziv, Huffman, and Run Lenght algorithms
* Selectable depack and buffer area
* Option to add Run/Init addresses
* Depacks data during loading
* Any DOS
* Very configurable
* Also very useable to link files
* Docs included

UnLZH v0.1
Robert Puff 1990

UNLZH01.MOC  ±10Kb
* To depack LHA/LZH files
* Supports only -LH1- encoding
* Any DOS
* Supports Sparta-Dos commandline parameters
Note: "UNLZH01.MOC" is the Atari COM-file.
Rename to "UNLZH.COM" after download.

UnZIP v1.0
Tom Hunt 2000

* To depack ZIP files
* Supports only -DEFLATE- encoded files
* Any DOS with memlo below $2000
* Supports Sparta-Dos commandline parameters
* HELP implemented in file
Note: "UNZIP10.MOC" is the Atari COM-file.
Rename to "UNZIP.COM" after download.

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