5.25'' Floppy  DOS Utilities 
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Bootstrap super '89 Initialier
P.C. 1989

* To start-up binary files without DOS
* Lists files on disk
* Writes itself to bootsectors
* Extreem compact menu

Filenote v1.4
(C) 1993, 1994 by Tom Hunt

* Shareware version
* Attaches a permanent note to any file
* Can be edited afterwards
* Notes created with the professional version can only be edited by the creator of the note

Harddisk Util v1.0
(C) Supra Corp.

* Only for use with the Supra harddisk interface

Happy-Master Quad + v4.2
B. Kloss 1993

HMQP42.LZH  ±7Kb
* File
* Sector editor
* Full options
* Single and Double density

Park v1.2
(C) Supra Corp.

PARK12.LZH  ±2Kb
* To park a harddisk connected to the Supra harddisk interface

Quick ED v1.2
(C) KMK 1994, 1995

QE_12.LZH  ±2Kb
* Textmode screen-accelerator
* Removed from memory at RESET
* Speeds up the E: handler 3.4 times
* Supports Sparta-Dos CON:
* Version included for 65c816 processor

Quick ED v1.5
(C) Draco 1999

QE_15.LZH  ±1Kb
* Textmode screen-accelerator
* Removed from memory at RESET
* 4 times faster printing to screen
* Supports all DOS's, including Sparta-Dos CON:
* Editor-test-utility included

Rodime HD Formatter v1.4
(C) Supra Corp.

* To format a Rodime SCSI harddisk with the Supra interface

Search Master
Jens Roever 1985

* Disk sector editor

SASI Harddisk Format v1.2
(C) Supra Corp.

* Formatter for SASI harddisks connected to the Supra harddisk interface

SASI Harddisk Format v1.5
(C) Supra Corp.

* Updated version of this SASI harddisk format utility for the Supra interface

Seagate SCSI HD Format v1.5
(C) Supra Corp.

* SCSI-Seagate format utility for the Supra harddisks interface

System Info v2.03
Draco 1997

SI203.LZH  ±34Kb
* Any DOS
* Driven by textwindows
* 64 columns screen
* Tests anything in or connected to your Atari
* IDE PBI harddisks
* Benchmarks
* CPU Speed (6502, 6502c, 65c816)
* Memory (linear, banked, virtual)
* Operating System
* Floating Point Routines
* Pokey (mono and stereo)
* C64 SID upgrade
* etc, etc, etc...

Translator II
* Atari 800 operating system as bootable disk
* Turns a XL/XE into "old" mode to run "dirty-coded" programs

Turbo-Watson v4.2
JBW 1988

* Disk sector editor

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