5.25'' Floppy   Help, Notes & Info about downloading   3.5'' Floppy

* Most Atari 8-Bit files are in the .LZH format   (-lh1-).
   Unpack these on XL/XE with "UNLZH v0.1" by Robert Puff.
* .ARC files can be depacked on Atari 8-bit with "UNARC v2.4", also from
   R. Puff, or use "PKXARC" on PC systems (see PC-downloads).
* Atari 8-Bit COM-files have a reversed extension   (MOC).
   Rename these to "*.COM" in order to run.
* Some programs are bootdisks   (DC3 or DCM).
   Use DISKCOMmunicator v3.2 to extract the image to XL/XE disk.
* All programs are executable COM-files or bootable disks, unless noted.
   (basic, action, whatever)
* Some programs (mainly games) cannot be started from DOS.
   Use a game-menu/game-loader for those files.
* Files which cannot run on Atari XL/XE are packed as "RAR" file.
* Some browsers don't recognize LZH-or RAR-files as being downloadable data.
   Try to right-click the tag if download fails.
* Requests can be mailed to me at "mnx AT fox-1 DOT nl".

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