5.25'' Floppy  Copiers / Converters 
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Diskcopy 128Kb
(part of TurboDOS masterdisk)

COPY128K.LZH  ±1Kb
* Supports single, enhanced, and double density
* Supports extended 130XE memory
* Feature to convert between single and enhanced density
* Option to list directory when started with DOS
* D1: -D4:
* Many configurable features

Diskformer v0.90
Ken Siders 1994

DISKF090.LZH  ±8Kb
* Converts between .ATR/.XFD and Atari disks
* Requires double density Atari drive in many cases due image filelenghts
* Option to use "R:" device to transfer files by X-modem

Image2Disk v1.0
msc 1996

* Sparta-Dos only!
* Creates Atari bootdisks from .ATR images
* Supports single and enhanced density

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